HyperStrip LED UnderGlow (choose color)

  • $49.95

This kit is our staple. With (4) 2ft strips, it allows you to add complete glow underneath your vehicle. 1 HyperStrip per side is more than enough light to make a huge difference in your vehicles appearance. This kit can be used on both cars and trucks. We have sold over 10,000 of these kits and have over 98% positive feedback. You will not be disappointed in our UnderGlow..  


  • Simply clean off area intended for the lights, rubbing alcohol is recommended.
  • Place the strips on the surface make sure that initial stick is good
  • Each strip has lead wire. So run all the red leads together. Same with the black leads. We recommend using 18g wire. ( NOT INCLUDED ) 
  • Once the strips ran together to where you have  1 red (positive) and 1 black (negative) run those 2 to each side of your battery. 
  • Note : If you are using a switch or a remote, the receiver or switch needs to go in the line from the 2 wires to the battery. 



  • 36 Bright LEDs Per Strip
  • Waterproof Coating
  • Powered By 12v battery (vehicle battery)
  • 1 Strip size = 2ft  



  • 4x Bright 2 ft waterproof LED Strips
  • Lead Wire for install 
  • Adhesive backing to mount to vehicle  





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