LED Tailgate triple Row Light Bar 60 inch

  • $69.97

Add some safe style to your tailgate. Compared to others "single" row tailgate bars, this one is triple row. 

This flexible led brake light bar is 60 inch long

Powered at 12v

PERFECT for most Pickup Trucks, Trailers, Cars, SUV, RV, VAN, etc.

Features a ( no drill ) install 

Before buying please note:

LIKE MOST: The bar can only convey "one message" to the rear vehicle at once. When your vehicle stops the turn signal operation, only the brake light will work.

When you release the brake and start moving, turn signal will work. Make sure the light strip is helpful to you according to your driving habits.


The Triple row tailgate light emits

✔️Low Red light for running  

✔️ Bright Red for braking

✔️ Amber for left/right turning signals

✔️ White for reversing, and

✔️ Flash Amber for emergency strobe light

Everyone behind you exactly knows what's your next step!