Our main inventory is almost always shipped from Las Vegas, NV. Due to an overwhelming market in other countries, we have inventory in a couple places overseas in order to get faster and cheaper shipping to those not in the U.S.

Sometimes when a product is not at our US warehouse we have it shipped direct from our overseas warehouse, this typically takes 3-5 days and ships via DHL. This explains why some packages will come from a different location other than Las Vegas, NV. 

We work directly with our manufacturers, we know them all on a personal level and we make changes to products often to ensure our customers are getting the best product we can offer. Our manufacturers also keep inventory of our products so that they can ship directly to our customers instead of waiting for the product to get to us, this takes 3-5 days after payment processing. This option allows us to ship expensive products and not make our customers pay for shipping. 

ALL of our products have tracking numbers. 

As Always, THANK YOU for making GlowProLED part of your Already Awesome Build!