Install Instructions

Valance Lights 

1. Valance measuring/ drilling
If your valance is painted, I would highly recommend covering the surface of the valance with painters tape before drilling. Painters tape on the valance allows you to create your entire layout and check it before drilling.

- Measure your valance and find the center point. Double check each side for accuracy.
Measure twice and drill once!
I recommend drilling a pilot hole first and then use a 3/4 hole saw drill bit to drill your light holes.

2. Installation of lights
Slide black grommet back toward the wiring and push the light through the hole. Slide grommet into valance and push light into the grommet.

- Remove wire loom if you need to move the lights closer or further apart for easier movability of each light.

3. Wiring

Take the extra wire provided and slide on the solder shrink connectors provided. Strip the ends of both of each of those wires and connect them to the wiring harness. Red connects to black and black to

white. (Harness wires white = negative and black = positive)

  • Route the wires into the engine bay and choose a good clean bolt to use as a ground. Strip back the coating on the wire and strip the black negative wire by your desired ground and install ground connector by crimping it.
  • Please note that everyone's vehicles are different and there are a few ways to attach power to your harness. If you have aux switches, you can simply wire them to an aux switch. If you do not have aux switches you can tap into your running lights, or you can fuse tap them with a rocker switch. There is not one way to do this step because each vehicle is different.
    Please message us with questions.

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