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White rock lights

Only bought 8 lights thinking I would need to buy more! Brightest lights for your money by far!! Great quality!! And they are a true white!

Rock lights

They are great. They have a great white shine. Really lit up my powdercoat. Couldn’t be happier with this brand.

24 Piece All White Rocklights

These are literally the best rock lights on the market doesn’t matter if it’s day or night they will still shine like no other! If y’all want rock lights definitely @glowproled is the way to go!

ColorFuZion Wheel Rings (set of 4)
Brendan Deeter (Meadville, US)
Very bright

Happy with the results and am excited to have glowpro part of my build!

Super bright

Definitely one of my favorite brand of rocklights there so bright!

Optional Wiring Harness for LED strips/pods
Taylor Routson (Parkdale, US)

Have not installed them yet they look hardy and clean just need to get some wire to extend them

ColorFuZion™ RGB+Pure White Rock Lights
Brad Strasburg (South Jordan, US)
12 piece rock light kit

The 12 piece rock light kit is freaking legit! I really like how you can have the pure white option for driving around and you can also have the option of different colors for shows, if your looking for really good quality RGB rock lights these are it!

Rock lights/ grill lights

I’ve seen other lights ran, none like these, plug and play! Bright! And stand out from the rest of the crowds, I’d recommend these solely on the fact good trucks need good lighting

10/10 would purchase again

LED Tailgate triple Row Light Bar 60 inch
Casey Haarman (East Bernstadt, US)

Beyond bright reverse light feature and very bright even in the day time! Super easy to install

Love them

These rock lights were easy to install and look great.

Very bright

These pods are very bright and easy to install. 100% recommend these lights!

Switchback Running Board Lights
Cody Hansen (Plains, US)

I have not got it yet

ColorFuZion Wheel Rings (set of 4)
Mike Temple (Meadville, US)
Brightest on the market!

These look great and add a nice touch to the truck I love working with glow pro led lighting they r great ppl to work with!

Rock lights

These rock lights are super bright, I bought 4 total, 1 per wheel well and they light up all around my truck just as good as my friends who have 16-32 rocks installed from other brands. Easy to install (and much easier to hide 4 wires than 32 of them) only took about an hour to be all hooked up. The app is very easy to navigate and convenient for quick color changes, including a pure white option. Will definitely be purchasing more lights from here.

ColorFuZion Wheel Rings (set of 4)
Gabriel Naud (Repentigny, CA)
Best light on the market

Hey guys, these wheel light and rock light are amazing ! I love them so much... unfortunatly im in montreal and there is a LOT of snow! As you know i can't get any cool pick because my truck always super dirty! I cant wait for summer to come and take many picture and show more your stuff !!


These lights are so bright just having 1 per wheel! Definitely happy with the product. The app gets funky here and there but quality of lights are perfect. These pictures are just with 1 per side and just with the front currently done.

ColorFuZion™ RGB+Pure White Rock Lights
Anthony Bunting (Fayetteville, US)
Great product ‼️

I only have 4 one in each wheel well and they are super bright I love it I stood outside in awe when I first seen them at night. 10 out of 10 would recommend. One of the simplest mods to do to your truck or jeep.

The best. No doubt

Brightest and best lights no doubt about it

ColorFuZion Wheel Rings (set of 4)
Shannon Loughery (Fort Leonard Wood, US)
Very Happy With My Wheel Rings

Very happy with my wheel rings. Extremely bright and the app gives you so many options for solid colors and differrnt patterns. Head turner, for sure!

Everything us good except my relay was blown I replaced it an Everything worked


These pods don’t even have competition. If you are wondering if you should or not, YOU SHOULD 🔥

Brightest lights in the game!

Brightest white lights in the game. Brought my truck to the next level. Easy install


super bright, easy to install

Great lights super bright

ColorFuZion Wheel Rings (set of 4)
Colten Parker (Dallas, US)

super bright