Optional Wiring Harness for LED strips/pods

  • $49.99

1. Compatible with all vehicles or boats that use a 12V DC power source.
2. Fit for LED rock lights, LED strips, LED Pods and other offroad lights that less than 150 W (total).
3. Equipped with 4 set connectors. You can wire multiple strips to one connector with 18 gauge wire. 

12 ft of Wiring:
The length of this wire harnesses will allow you to mount your LED light to nearly anywhere you want. Just run the harness from the battery to your desired lighting location.

Other features:
1. Composed of durable wires cables.
2. High quality 40 amp power relay.
3. 30A blade fuse, max rated at 30A.
4. Illuminated on/off waterproof rocker switch.
5. Easily connects any lighting accessory to its power source by taping into the battery directly.
6. Compatible with LED rock lights, LED strips, LED Pods.

Complete Wiring Kit Includes:
1. 12 ft wiring harness
2. 40A power relay
3. 30A blade fuse
4. 4 sets connectors (4 leads). You can wire multiple strips to one connector. 
5. Waterproof On/Off rocker switch