2023 Sponsorship opportunities


As avid enthusiasts of trucks and all things automotive, we couldn't help but notice the impressive style and presence of your remarkable truck. We're reaching out today to offer you an exciting sponsorship opportunity that will take your truck's aesthetics to the next level while giving you an amazing deal and a chance to earn!

At GlowProLED, we specialize in premium truck lighting  that is designed to turn heads and make a statement. We've seen the love and passion you pour into your truck, and we'd be thrilled to sponsor you to showcase our products to a wider audience.

Here's our exclusive offer for you: Get employee pricing of 40-50% off our high-quality truck accessories, plus a custom discount code to share with others, earning you a generous 10% commission on each sale made using your code! Imagine upgrading your truck's appearance while saving big and having the opportunity to earn some extra cash. You will receive the code as soon as you checkout today!

To kickstart this sponsorship journey, we kindly request that you send us a direct message on our Instagram page @glowproledlighting with a screenshot of your filled-up cart. Once we receive your message, we'll promptly respond with your unique discount code that you can use to get the sponsorship discount.

Our products are carefully engineered to deliver unparalleled style and performance, and we are confident they'll make your truck shine even brighter. From top of the line rock-lights, to our extremely bright wheel lights and starlight headliners, our lineup offers a wide range of options to suit your truck's personality.

Here's how it works:

1️⃣ Fill up your cart with your desired product(s) from our extensive collection.
2️⃣ Send us a direct message on Instagram [@GlowProLEDLighting with a screenshot of your filled-up cart.
3️⃣ Receive your unique discount code via direct message, granting you an exclusive 40-50% off the price.
4️⃣ Install the product(s) on your truck, following the simple instructions provided.

5️⃣ Snap some stunning photos of your truck showcasing our product(s) in action.

6️⃣ Share the photos with us, allowing us to feature them on our website, social media channels, and marketing materials, with full credit given to you as the proud truck owner.
7️⃣ Receive a unique discount code to share with your friends, family, and fellow truck enthusiasts.
8️⃣ Earn a generous 10% commission on every sale made using your discount code.

Not only will you receive an unbeatable discount, but you'll also gain exposure and recognition within our passionate truck-loving community. Your truck will be showcased to truck enthusiasts all around the world, inspiring and impressing others who share your passion. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn extra income by simply sharing your custom discount code.

This exclusive spot is only available for a limited time, so don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your truck's style, save big, and earn. Send us a direct message on Instagram with your filled-up cart to get started.

We look forward to partnering with you to create a winning combination of style, savings, and spectacular truck transformations, while providing you with an opportunity to earn through our generous commission program!

Rev up your truck's appeal, savings, and earnings with GlowProLED.